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     My work is something that I’m never not doing. It has taken many turns over the 7 years since I’ve picked up a camera. It’s the art of capturing the mundane and ordinary that interest me more than anything at this point. To be able to look at something that you may see every day, and appreciate it for the simple fact that it represents something that goes unnoticed. Every time the most unnoticed things are brought together they become something noticeable, something that is appreciated, and something that is loved. The aim is to highlight the components that make up what most of us deem “not picture worthy” and allow them to be seen for what they do when they interact with other things. Components like shadow, light, form, color, etc. Allowing them to become the photo instead of letting them make up what the photo is. A lot of my inspiration comes from a higher power, I don’t tend to look towards other artists anymore for inspiration as I’ve learned that what they create is what makes them them, and what makes you you, is something that comes from a greater source. The details of my work is to allow the little things in life to prevail in a way that may show a single life that, they, are the most important thing in the big picture.


     My name is Tyler Henson and I like to take pictures focusing on how I feel as an individual towards things that interests me.

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